The Gods

Ulukai- God of gods, god of the mountains

San- Goddess of civilization and cities.

Polybos- God of wine and song

Nikeon- God of messengers and travel

Dorian- God of healing; patron of physicians

Merope- Goddess of the sky; mother of Aegeas and Aeneas

Aegeas and Aeneas- Brother and sister; twin gods.
Aegeas is the god of rain, lakes, and streams. Aeneas is the goddess of the woods, forests, and glens.

Pelor- God of the sun; god of life and light. Brother to Chaelica.

Chaelica- Goddess of death; goddess of the first moon. Sister to Pelor.

Phaelon- God of midnight; god of the second moon. Beloved of San.

Makalite (pronounced muh-ka-lit) – Goddess of invention, innovation, and inspiration. Unnamed inventions are typically called a Whatcha Makalite.

Triton- God of the seas; god of merfolk and sailors; his seven daughters are said to be the most beautiful creatures under the sea.

San is the goddess of cities, civilization, and trade. She is depicted as dark haired and bright eyed; her pet raven Char serves as a messenger and herald. Many dieties compete for her affections, but her heart has been burdened by the banishment of her true love Phaelon, the god of Midnight and namesake of the second moon. Once every three years, when Phaelon crosses the skies and brings midnight at high noon, it is said that San cannot refuse any prayer she has the power to grant, such is her joy upon seeing her love again.

Temples to San can be found in nearly every city. Several cities were named after her, San Kletos, San Okros, and San Vio were all cities named after her, and subsequently destroyed by the Reign of Ash. San Vio was one of her favored port cities; several air shipyards helped make that city prosper. Only a handful of airships survived, the heavy ash clogging most of their engines and causing them to crash into the Great Sea. Even now, perhaps survivors with technology and tomes of the old world survive in greener lands beyond the horizon….

The Gods

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