The Regions


1 Desmene- Home to the Desmenians. Protected by the Usul Desert, they are fiercely independent and paid mostly lip service to the Thakos Empire.

2 Agreta- Agreta’s citizens are typically seen as backwards and uneducated. The region is home to many exotic foods (catfish, alligator, crawdads, spicy peppers). The Fens of Drakos Minor (little dragons) are infested with alligators and hydras.

3 Ulukarta – Surrounded by mountains.

4 Eupraxas- Known for high quality textiles, lumber, and rafts.

5 Myrinedes- Gateway to the South

6 Aerista- Once home to San Vio.

7 Tyvan- No where did the destruction of the Thakos Empire hit harder than Tyvan. Assaulted by both fire and water, the city burned while its people drowned. Now, five years on, Tyvan is figuratively and literally a ghost town, where souls of the restless linger on, denied the peace of afterlife.

8 Trivago- A settlement to the west.

9 Spinakkos- Protected by the mountains surrounding them, Spinakkos has cool summers and balmy winters. Volcanic hot springs beneath them once served to generate warmth. Steam powered inventions once showed how Spinnakos held Makalite’s favor, but for now no news comes from the region.

10 Tartaglia – Named after the merchant Ionis Tartaglia, this area used to do brisk trade with the mountainous regions to the east by way of Aegis. Now, they have much on their hands dealing with cannibalistic pirates called Seavers and other creatures from the depths. Tartaglia has food; surplus is traded to Aegis for weapons and armor.

11 Aegis- A bastardization of Aegeas, god of lakes and streams, this city is the home of smiths who who forge metal items from the ores mined in the eastern mountain. Farmers and equestrians call Aegis home; the waters of the two main rivers, the Epsilon Minor to the north and Epsilon Major to the south.

12 Dakron- Once a thriving community where dwarves and humans plied the mining trades, Dakron has fewer miners now than ever before. Iron and coke veins have all but vanished; what few steel items remain have been reforged into pickaxes and mine carts. Pickaxes serve dual purposes for those miners; they help break apart ore, and serve as weapons against the denizens of the deep mine shafts.

13 Sappho- Once a home to artists and the inspired.

14 Jelusca- Home of the militant Jellicans.

15 Tikilos- Tikilos and the surrounding island chains are known for their love of all things nautical. Jelusca was never able to conquer them as their naval superiority dominated the ground based Jellican armies.

The Regions

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